Not So Simple . . . Simple Machines

Inventions to Make the World a Better Place


Art Lesson Outline:


12”x18 White Drawing Paper


Sharpie/Permanent Black

Circle Tracers


Images of Simple Machines

Oil Pastel

Black Watercolor

Art Integration with Curricular Study of Simple Machines, Writing/Creative Expression, Technology, Social/Emotional development.

Art Historical Images: 
- Film Still Image “Modern Times” 1936, Charlie Chaplin
Leonardo da Vinci Simple Machines

Contemporary Art Resources (the kids LOVE these):
Sculptor Pete Beeman
Reuben Margolin

Studio Procedure: 
Use circle tracers to create a circle on 12”x12” white paper. (square paper works best for podcasting viewing)
Add “teeth” by creating a “square zag” around the edge of the circle - erase pencil marks where necessary.
Set up another circle tracer close to gear “teeth”.  Follow same procedure.
To show the negative space of a gear, trace a smaller circle inside a gear.  Now create a tiny circle in the center. Then create negative space by connecting the new circles together in several places.
Add levers, pulleys, bolts, metal pieces.
Outline pencil marks with Sharpie.
Choose a color scheme.  Fill positive shapes with Oil Pastel
Use intense black watercolor to fill in negative space.

See additional studio outcomes here.

Podcasting: (this was a HUGE motivator for the artwork and writing quality)
An enhanced podcast includes audio AND a visual.  See examples below:

            More Podcasting examples here

General resources for Podcasting:
Education Podcast Network
Create a Podcast in Google Apps
Make a Podcast
Hosting and Listing Podcasts on iTunes
Learning in Hand
Producing a Podcast

Resources for Podcasting on a Mac:
*If you’re on a Mac, use Garageband, upload and publish it iweb (you can upload directly to the iTunes Podcast Store when you publish to iweb)
Garageband Tutorials I created for my students (on YouTube)
Podcasting for Education (GarageBand users)
Student Garageband Directions.pdf

Resources for Podcasting using a PC:
Audacity Audio Editor 
Using Audacity for Podcasting
Audacity Tip Sheet
Aviary Audio Editor
MYBYTES Audio Editor

Contact:  Theresa McGee
Blog: The Teaching Palette
School: Art Room Website
Twitter:  @theresamcgee

Creative Writing:

(Integrate with homeroom teacher if possible)

Download Invention Writing Outline (word doc)

Download Invention writing Outline (PDF format)

Encourage students to use descriptive words to

“make the world a better place”

Differentiation Strategies PDF Download