Clarendon Hills Middle school

Art and Computer Graphics


Art at Clarendon Hills Middle School focuses on art literacy as well as art production. We build on skills and knowledge learned in previous years. Students will expand their technical skills and begin to “speak” the language of art. Objectives include:

  1. 1.To understand the elements of art and how to use them to create art that is visually effective .

  2. 2.To examine how art was used in ancient cultures and it’s effect on historical and present art. Plus the importance of creativity to create the future.

  3. 3.To examine different artists, style and forms of art.

In producing works of art the focus is:

  1. 1.DRAWING: with an emphasis on contour, and tonal drawing.

  2. 2.CERAMICS/SCULPTURE: with an emphasis on creating sculpture from clay. Additional units working with wire other sculptural materials are included at all grade levels.

  3. 3.COLOR THEORY; with an emphasis on the properties of color and the effect of color when using oil pastels, tempra and water color paint.

  4. 4. Apple Macintosh Laptop Computers are also used to to supplement the curriculum.


In Computer Graphics Class students will learn portions of the Adobe Photoshop program. Students will learn to use several Adobe Photoshop tools, scan images and learn how to use a digital camera. Art elements, creativity, and craftsmanship will be emphasized when creating creative compositions. Students will learn about the Elements and Principles of Art, Color Theory and how they relate to, and are a part of the Digital Media. Future careers in the field of Computer Graphics will also be explored.

computer graphics

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