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Interactive Art Site
Brain Pop 
(Art & Music)

Figure it Out For Figure Drawing

Mr. Picasso Head

Make a Picasso Portrait

Be Funky

Fun Photo Filters for Images

Color in Motion

Interactive Color Discovery

Pick a game or activity below.

NGA Kids Pop Art

Learn Digital Photography

& Editing

NGA Kids Still Life

Arrange & Paint Still Life

NGA Kids BRUSHster

Painting Machine
NGA Kids 
Dutch House
NGA Kids Jungle

Create an Imaginary Landscape
NGA Kids
Collage Machine
NGA Kids Zoom

The Curious Corner

Interactive Story Time, Match-up or Play with Art

Still Life Memory Game

From Flicker

Storyline Online

Hear a Storybook Online


Draw, Doodle, Make a Movie


Online Art Adventure

Art Pad

(Draw and Watch Your Drawing Play Back Like a Movie)

Getty Games

Test your Memory, Play Detective, Solve a Puzzle

Fire Works of Glass

4 Interactive Games about Glass Blowing(Installation, Sculpture & Process)


Find objects in paintings and compare works of art

Escape From 
Thorne Mansion